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Ursulines Mushroom Power

16th June 2006 in " Le Carré", scène nationale of Château-Gontier.

Many artists were invited to join Company Non Nova : Bruno Pradet, Cie
Le Pied sur la tĂŞte, Laurence Langlois, Manolo, and Sylvain Julien.

Ursulines Dance Floor

Ursulines Dance floor

Touch it

This performance was created in March 2007 in partnership with l'ARC in Rezé with artists from Compagnie Non Nova and musicians from Sextet Frasques.

Jules for ever

In 2005 was commemorated in Nantes and Amiens, the 100th anniversary of Jules Verne's death.

Both cities have invited Company Non Nova to present a performance. Amiens invited "Zapptime Remix". In Nantes a special show called "Jules for ever" was created in August in Salle Paul Fort, with Philippe MĂ©nard, JĂ©rĂ´me Thomas, the artists of Cie Vent d'Autan, and the musicians of Sextet Frasques.

L'après-midi d'un foehn & VORTEX

The Wind Plays


Premiered October 2011


The Non Nova team is a heterogeneous entity made up of people of different ages, backgrounds and sexes, all united in a passionate desire to make the audience experience moments they didn’t expect.

Le Grain

Created 1998.

Fresque et sketches premier round

Created september 2002.

Doggy Bag

Created november 2007.


Zapptime, remix

Created March 2005

Zapptime Remix

As it is necessary to take up challenges and as Philippe MĂ©nard is
very playful, he wrote in 2005 « Zapptime Remix » a continuation of «
Zapptime, rêve éveillé d’un zappeur ». This play was produced in one of
the Lieu Unique’s studios.

Zapping still the heart of the play, but yet kneaded, quirky, uncluttered, tinkered with and built up again.

Fresque et sketches, 2nd round

Created 2005.

« Fresques et sketches 2nd round » is composed of snapshots linked together by
the object, like two runners are by the baton.

« Fresques et sketches 2nd round » is the second part of a work
comprised of sketches. In this play, soldiers, drum-majorettes, air
hostesses, watchmen, inspectors… perform, a world of uniforms in a
protean society.

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